List of notable routes ticked in order of difficulty/quality, new routes mentioned separately.

Note: not all of these are in the right order until I have time to check them.

Parallel F7c **, Dumbuck 24/05/12 2nd RP. – Nice to do ]a route.
Anime Negra F7a+ **, Tartareu 16/4/12 . F.
Pegue Nocturno F8a/+ **, Santa Linya 16/4/12 – 4th RP. Indeed a modern classic. 2 finger pocket section pretty solid!
Pasta Sin Agua F7a+ **, Terradets 14/4/12 – OS
Avant Match F7c **, Terradets 14/4/12 – 1st RP. Again using the knee.
Occident F7c **, Terradets 13/4/12 – 1st RP third visit. I finally sussed the kneebar before the heartbreaking crux at bolt twelve.
Jam Session 7b ***, Terradets 13/4/12 – OS Really nice!
Trio Ternura F8a *, Santa Linya 10/4/12 – 2 RP, powerful!
Meno Canario F7b *, Santa Linya 10/4/12 – 1 RP – yes it has tufas, no it’s not nice!
Via del Pito F7a **, Santa Ana 9/4/12 – OS, brick more like 7a+/b no?
Sessio de Rabia F8a **, Santa Ana 9/4/12 – 3RP, got to crux on flash :) Birnam in Spain.
Spanglish F7a+ **, Futbolin 8/4/12 – OS plus 4 more 7a-6b+, knackered! – nearly…
La Bateria F7a+ *, Santa Ana 7/4/12 – OS, quite a fight finding holds in the grey rock.
Jardi F6c, Santa Ana 1RP 7/4/12 – 1RP – confusing fluttings, not a warm up.
Arqueloogico F7c **, Santa Linya 3/4/12 – 1st RP, buckets of glory :)
Asaltinbankis F7b+ **, Santa Linya 3/4/12 – 1st RP, really painful pump. Use the kneebar!
Cargols a la Carera F7a, Santa Linya 3/4/12 – 1st RP, good effort one legged man!
Relaxing People 6c **, Tartareu, Catalunya 2/4/12 F Nice.
Silver Surfer F6c, Pen Trywn 27/3/12 – Ohh sharp!
The Bloods F7a+/Bloodsports F7b ** – Mayfair Wall 25/3/12. OS Really pumped, worked hard! Spoiled by ledge slightly.
Martha F7c* – LPT 24/3/12. Two days 6RP, 7 move boulder sequence with tricky clip. Dropped last crux each time. 7c+ or just unlucky?
Excursion Direct F6c+/Quicksilver F7a ***, Pen Trywn 24/3/12 – Nice for rest day.
Pilgrim 8a/+ – The Cave 23/3/12. 3rd day this trip, 4 or so in Dec. Kinda OK on link but harder than 8a?
Beaver Cleaver 7b – The Cave 23/3/12. About time!
Bad Bad Boy F7c **, LPT 20/3/12 – 1st RP 15 years on! Hard for me but maybe still not 7c+?
The Keel Font 7b+/c, Almscliff – Really reachy for me, 7c I think.
Block Buster Font 7c – Caley – Stand start.
Sprung Font 7c, Bowden – RF toe hook combo

Pilgrim Back Wall Font 7c+/8a, Parasella’s Cave – 4 days 7 moves to add now
Rock Atrocity Wobbly Block Font 7c+, Parasella’s Cave – Felt easy, nice to finish 10 years on.
Diesel Power Font 8a, Llanberis Pass – 3 days this trip, cold and wet, got very lucky on first go.
Seal of Approval F7b **, 01/11/11 – 1st RP, unexpected as so unfit.
African Headcharge F7a+ *, Pigeon’s Cave 9/09/11 – 1st RP, sharp! Something ticked at least.
Wall of Eveining Light P1 F7a+ ***, The Diamond Little Orme 8/09/11 – So good, but so greasy. Full pitch still to do!
The Waiting Game F8a ***, The Diamond Little Orme 8/09/11 – 6RP over three days, really greasy, a very hard soft 8a!
The Mau Mau E4 6a ***, Dinorwig 7/09/11 – 2nd go, bottled the OS in last 4m :( 1st trad in 2 years!
Call of Nature F8a **, Raventor 26/08/11 – Big reach! Really good climbing, 3rd RP.
Rumble in the Jungle F8a+ ***, WCJ Cornice 23/08/11 – Really good dynamic climbing 3rd RP 2nd day.
Jug Jockey F7c+ **, Cheedale Cornice 22/08/11 – Quite a push, 1st RP.
Unleashing The Wild Physique F8a ***, Cheedale Cornice 22/08/11 – Mr Glass put to rest 2nd RP day two.
Personal Services F7b* – 1st RP
Connect 4 F8a **, Malham 14/08/11 – 3rd redpoint too many days, left hand flick was the key.
Quality Control F7a *, Two Tier, Cheedale 5/08/11 – OS
Open Gate F7a+ ***, Two Tier, Cheedale 5/08/11 – OS
Case Adjourned F7a **, Two Tier, Cheedale 5/08/11 – OS
The Sea is a Brown Paper Bag F7b+ ***, Two Tier, Cheedale 3/08/11 – 1st RP – a 7c effort I thought!
Why Me? F7c **, Two Tier, Cheedale 3/08/11 – 1st RP, quite good.
Braciation Dance F7b+ ***, WCJ Cornice 1/08/11 – 1st RP, last throw added some.
Incapacity Benifit F7a+ **, WCJ Cornice 1/08/11 – OS nice crag warm up.
Maxwell House F7b+ *, Max Wall Cheedale 24/07/11 – 1st RP – Neat boulder problem on suprisingly slippy rock!
Max Headroom F7a **, Max Wall Cheedale 24/07/11 – OS.
The Spider F8a ****, Plum Butress Cheedale 23/07/11 – 2nd RP day four! Brilliant exposure and surprising to find how bouldery it is up there between jugs! Quite alot of work setting up but worth it. 5 RP was the break through using LH sloper.
Hungry Eyes F7a+ *, Embankment Cheedale 22/07/11 – 1st RP – fluffed the OS. Thought was Beef It 7b.
Stone The Loach F7c **, Embankment Cheedale 22/07/11 – 1st RP – Mid section after break was crux for me.
Sturgeon In The Cupboard F7c **, Embankment Cheedale 21/07/11 – 1st RP – 7c I thought.
Urgent Action F8a+ ***, Kilnsey 06/07/11, Jeez, 23rd RP over a year and finally done 3rd day on at 9:15 AM – who would have thought. Ok I guess just never that lucky on the high crimp move :(
Herbie F7c+ ***, Malham 5/07/11 – 2nd RP, feels hard but somehow grind upwards continues.
Toad of Beck Hall F7b+ *, Malham 24/06/11 – 1st RP, a bit nasty.
Todal Recall F8a **, Malham 21/06/11 – 1st RP – JUST! Well happy as struggled to dog move for ages.
The King F7c+ **, Red Wall Quarry 17/06/11 – 3 RP, last move is tricky!
Messiah F7c+ *, Red Wall Quarry 17/06/11 – Flash! Hardest yet and unexpected. Thanks to Mr Ts Beta.
Sultan 7c **, Red Wall Quarry 16/06/11 – 1 RP, small holds vertical 7c is never easy.
Angel Delight F7a+, Trollers Gill 10/06/11 – OS, skin of teeth!
Haslam F7b*, Trollers Gill 10/06/11 – Flash.
The Jim Grin F7a ***, Trollers Gill 10/06/11 – Flash, best on the crag.
Barguest Direct F7a **, Trollers Gill 10/06/11 – Flash.
Directisma Full F6c ***, Trollers Gill 08/06/11 – Jugs in fantastic position!
Hardy Annual F7b, Kilnsey 27/05/11 – Hard start, hands off rest then desperate at the belay, everything really!
Sticky Wicket F7b, Kilnsey 27/05/11 – Tough 3 RPs
Mr Nice F7c+, Kilnsey 27/05/11 – 8 redpoints over five days – getting bored – great route!
The Jekyll F7c+, Kilnsey 25/05/11 – Big moves on big holds, prob 7c!
Passion and Warefare F7a, Dib Scar 25/05/11 – Nice
Leopold F8a, Steall Hut 5/05/11 – Three days 2011 – tried it for years – nice one to finish off!
Basson F7a+, O’cave 12/04/10 – Nearly dropped it, third day on pump is nasty (over trained?)
Against The Grain F7a Malham 7/04/10 – Needed a RP – so unfit :( Cool big route.

Over the Moon Direct F8a, LPT 9/09/10 – 2nd RP day two. Not as bad as I had expected, got through top section first try.
Magic Flute F7c, Little Orme 8/09/10 – Good, nearly very good.
Never Get Out of the Boat F8a, The Diamond 7/09/10 – 2nd RP day two. Nice to come back and finish.
Mescalito F7c/+, Malham 25/08/10 – 2nd RP New Dawn finish, wet out left.
China Crisis F7c+, Kilnsey 22/08/10 – 1st RP, felt good.
K3 F8a+, Cheedale Cornice 5/08/10 – 3rd RP day two.
The Lockless Monster F7c/+, The Nook, Cheedale 4/08/10 – 1st RP.
Nemesis F8a+, Cheedale Cornice 4/08/10 – 1st RP day five?
The Free Monster F8a, WCJ Cornice, 3/08/10 – 3rd RP, nails slopey move.
Clarion Call F7a, Cheedale Cornice, 17/07/10 – 1st RP.
Who’s Line Is IT Anyway F7a+, Cheedale Cornice, 17/07/10 – 1st RP, pumpy.
Sardine F7b+, Raventor, 16/07/10 – 1st RP, not as bad as it looks.
Cry of Despair F7c, Cheedale Cornice, 8/07/10 – 1st RP, good steep fun.
Roof Warrior F8a, Cheedale Cornice, 8/07/10 – 2nd RP, double kneebar to save arms from crux.
Armistice Day F7a, Cheedale Cornice, 7/07/10 – 1st RP.
Martial Music F7a, Cheedale Cornice, 6/07/10 – Flash.

Slab Culture F7b+, Kilnsey – 11/06/10 – Too sick to tick much else :(
Quiet Flight F7a+, Kilnsey – 04/06/10 – Too unfit for much else – 1st RP.
Sabotage Font 8a, Dumbie – 30/05/10 – Finally after 5 years trying it lots before finally dropping the bar with new beta.
Devastation Generation F8c, Dumbuck – 05/05/10 – A long fight over 14 years, maybe not the hardest 8c out there but I guess I’ll find out with the next one.
In Hell (Jug Finish) Font 8a, Parasellas – 26/02/10 – Finally hit the jug 7th go, got as far as cutloose on Cave Life! Next time.
Manchester Dogs Font 8a, Angel Bay – 25/02/10 – OK once heeltoe and undercut beta unlocked.

l’Planfond 7b, Dame Jon, Font 2-10/01/10 – Fun technical roof.
Magic Bus 7b, Buthiers, Font 2-10/01/10
Atomic Playboy RH 7c+, Buthiers, Font 2-10/01/10 – Should have been one day!
Retours aux Sources 7a, 95.2, Font 2-10/01/10
La Barre Fixe 7b+, l’Elephant, Font 2-10/01/10 – Surprisingly hard.

Happiness In Slavery F8b/+ (Font 7c+), Dumbuck 27/10/09, 4 full, 3 half sessions, new sequence for me. Time will tell on the grade.
Homosapien F7a+, Great Orme 8/10/09, nice to finish 10 years on.
Axle Attack F7a+, Great Orme 5/10/09, nice to finish 10 years on.
Boat People F7c, The Diamond NW 4/10/09, Flash, a nice fight.
Fated Mission F7c+, Tunnel Wall 2/10/09, 1st RP day 2, BIG fight.
Truth Drug F7b+ **, Kilnsey 18/09/09, 1st RP year 2, Stu’s beta was the way.
Frankie F7b+ ***, Kilnsey 18/09/09, 1st RP, exciting finish.
Cold Steel F8a **, Kilnsey 15/09/09 -3rd RP, 2nd day – nearly 1st RP, climbed nice.
Voodoo Magic F8b ***, Dumbuck 07/09/09 – 3rd RP, 4th Day, 11th year.
Mussel Beach F8a ***, LPT 22/08/09 – 2nd RP, Good to do after failed attempt 8 years ago.
Statement of Youth F8a ***, LPT 21/08/09 – 3rd day, 2nd RP, harder than I expected, a bit vertical.
Hurley Burley F8b ***, Birnam, 16/08/09 – 5th day, 2nd RP, many years, surprised myself!
Appettite F7a+ **, Malham 11/08/09 – 1st RP. Another ageing ghost freed.
New Dawn F7c **, Malham 10/08/09 – 2nd RP, day two, powerful and sustained.
Short Sharp Shock E4 6a **, Glen Croe, Arrochar, 6/08/09 – 2nd go, steep and pumpy.
Darl F7a *, Two Tier, Cheedale, 3/8/09 – 1st RP, tricky start and better grading.
Countdown F7a+ **, Two Tier, Cheedale, 3/08/09 – 1st RP, desperate move F7b! Darl was much easier.
The Barracuda Bass Sound F7a+ *, Embankment Cheedale, 2/08/09 – 2nd RP, tricky last moves, the dyno didn’t work!
Bream in Black F7a *, Embankment Cheedale, 2/08/09 – 1st RP, nasty 2 finger edge move.
Obsession F7b+ ***, Malham, 1/08/09 – 1st RP, a nice surprise after it felt so hard bolt to bolt.
Silk Purse F7c+ ***, Upper Cave Dunkeld, 26/07/09 – 2nd RP, bear the pump and you shall be rewarded, tried various bits previously.
High Performance E3 6a **, Upper Cave Dunkeld, 20/07/09 – OS fine after the roof.
Rat Race E4 6a ***, Upper Cave Dunkeld, 20/07/09 – OS pumpy up to scoop, had to solo last 2m when rope got stuck.
Anabolic Steriods E6 6b **, Cambusbarron 12/07/09 – Headpoint day three, narrowly missed on day two. F7b+ climbing. Clip sticked nut on right.
Admission F7c+, Tunnel Wall 07/07/09 – First RP day two, same sting in tail cost me Fated Mission.
Shear Fear E2 5c, Ratho 29/06/09 – Nice to do eventually.
Alternative Optional Extra F7a, Kilnsey 19/06/09 – OS Easier than the 6c?
Open Road F6c**, Kilnsey 19/06/09 – OS Nice and varied.
Ground Effect F7b **, Kilnsey 19/06/09 – 1st RP found a nice sequence.
Man With a Gun F7c+ **, Kilnsey 20/06/09 – Day 4 1st RP, felt comfortable.
Dominatrix F7c ***, Kilnsey 13/06/09 – Ist RP comfort zone effort, had been on before.
Trail Blazer E2 5c **, Cambusbaron, 09/06/09 – Nice bit of laybacking, too tired for an E3 after.
Dalriada E7 6b (F7b+) ****, The Cobbler, 01/06/09 – Gobsmacking! Headpointed over three days.
Elgin Crack E2 5b **, Limekilns, 25/05/09 – Trad training begins.
Tick Tock E6 6b (F7b+) **, (top rope) – Not keen to lead.
Dumb Dumb Boys F7c+ **, Dumbie, 1/05/09, 2nd RP, 2nd day, crux better when windy and when shown ‘the’ way. Mental block overcome.
Love Buzz E7 6b (F7a+) **, (top rope) – Not keen to lead.


Nothing to show for those F8b+ efforts to the final move of Puta Rue! Maybe I should claim 30 F8bs for the efforts…

F7b+ **, 11/11/07, Margalef, 1st RP. Nearly OS.
Tsunami F7b+ **, 30/10/07, Margalef, 2nd day, 1st RP. Hard start then sprint.
Bistec de Bicepts F7b+ **, 27/10/07, Siurana, OS. Actually not that bad.
Silk Teddies F7c **, 22/09, Dunkeld, 1st RP year two, PE then a manageable pump. Better and drier line than the Purse I think.
50 for 5 F7b+ **, 11/07, Kilnsey, 3rd RP day two, steady pump before hard move (F7c surely!).
San Johns Pecos F7b+ **, 16/07, Ceuse, 1st RP, has polished up over the years.
Bibendum F7b+ **, 16/07, Ceuse, OS (top rope 5 years ago, shame about start) best route a Ceuse?
Bouronator F8a **, 16/07, Ceuse, 2nd RP day 3 (5 days 2003).
Berlin F7c ***, 14/07, Ceuse, 1st RP.
Que de Rat F7b+ **, 11/07, Ceuse, 1st RP, grabbed naughty long draw.
Fated Path F7c+ ***, 21/06, Tunnel Wall, 1st RP nearly off the whole way! So lucky.
Full Tilt F8b **, 14/06, Kilnsey, Finally! 11th RP 08 >10 days.
The Maximum F7c+ **, Malham Cove. 1st RP (Hard).
Sudoku F7c ** Margalef. OS.
Voladerum F7b+ ** Margalef. OS.

La Gomorra 7b+*, Margalef. OS another first.
Magrana 6b+ ****, Margalef. OS Super bit of flowstone.
Corporacio Antietetica F7c **, Margalef. OS a first!
Eixuga-me-la i tornem-hi F7c+ **, Siurana. 1st RP.
Inverarnie Schwarzenegger F7a *, The Camel, flashed, tricky start and finish.
Shadowlands F7c **, The Anvil, 1st RP, nice power press moves.
Subculture F8a **, Kilnsey, 1st RP, 5th day, hold finally dry.
Pantomime F7b+ **, Kilnsey, 1st RP, 2nd day, totally boxed at top. Ace steepness.
Metal Guru F7c **, Kilnsey, 1st RP, pumped at 2nd bolt.
Stone of Destiny F6c+ ***, The Camel, 1st RP, superb.
Mac Talla F7b *** , Goat Crag, 1st RP, superb.
Bog Talla F7c **, Am Fasgadh, 2nd RP, 2nd day, better out of the sun.
Middle of the Road E3 5c ** , Seann Meallan. Gripping.
Black Soxs F7c *** (hard), Am Fasgadh, 1st RP, two long dogs in the heat.
Aeroplastica F7c+ ** (soft), Margalef, Spain – 2 days, 3rd RP, not very fit or rested.

Anabolica F8a ***, Campigi Pugi, Siurana – 7 days, yes 7 days. No endurance.
Isadora donde estas F7b **, Campigi Pugi, Siurana.
Lots 6-7a+ OS, Suirana
Tick y Tock F8a+ ** – 2nd RP, L’olla, Siurana.
Ya os Vale F7c ** – 1st RP, L’olla, Siurana.
The Pillar E2 5c ****, Diabaig – OS, ace
Many trad routes from E1-E4 around Reiff and Sheigra
Uncertain Emotions F7b – Tunnel Wall – too long
Phantom Zone F7c * (extension), Chapelhead Scar – 2 days working, 1st RP, painfull
Stretchy Perineum F7b+ **, Chapelhead Scar – 4th RP and easier Hubble


Dressed for Success Font 7b+ – 3 days.
1990 Traverse Font 7b – 1 day.
Pongo Font 8a – Very specific and harder for dwarfs, many days.
Spam Font 7c, Dumbarton – 1 day.



Chain Lightning F7b+, Glen Ogle – too long


Rise of the Robots F7b+, Promenade, Swanage – 1st RP
Raindogs F8a **, Malham Cove – 6 days



Grooved Arete F8a+ **, Kilnsey – 3 days

Brief Encounter F8b, Kilnsey – 4 days

Mark of the Beast F7c ****, Lulworth Cove – 3 tries

Cider Soak F8a **, Ansteys Cove- 2 days


Off The beaten Track F8a ***, Glen Ogle – 3 days
Spiral Tribe F8a *, Glen Ogle – 2 days

The Vibes F7c **, Myopics – lots of days

Hamish Teddies F7b+ *** – lots of days


Awaken F7c/+ *, Dumbuck – lots of days

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