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Its seems I’m trying much more things than I ever do so what the hell.


Jason’s Roof Font 8a – half the moves done.


Pilgrim/Cave LIfe/In Hell Font 8a+ – 3 days, dragged RA block, back wall link done.
Proj F8b+ – too many days in 2011, major blocker move and melted elbow L boo :(
The Bulge F8a – 2 days, up to the crux now. Always last
Dr Crimp – 2 days, too weak to bust out the move.
True North – 3 days, short links. Fucked my arm on the Crux. Hello Golfers Elbow. I did managed to hang the sloper and come in to the UC with a body flick.
Unjustified F8b+ – 5 days Overlapping halves, just past the crux. Need a spine and some endurance. Far too hot ans sunny – only a couple of hours in the shade so a head fuck waiting all day.

Skip of Fools F8a+, 2 days – hard.
Mecca F8b+ – 1 day, need to go back.
Dr Crimp F8b+ – 4 days, not strong enough.
True North F8c – 1 day, miles away
Diesel Power Font 8a – 1 day, linked in two.
Zoo York Font 8a – 1 day, still todo the two crux moves.
Verdict Font 8a – Font – 2 days, stuck on second move but possible.


NGTB F8a – 1 day, 3rd day on, too tired to finish 3 high redpoints, awesome route.
Dr Crimp F8b+ – 4 Days, can static to 4 inches under crux hold but not link onto in :(
Leopold F8a+ – 1 day, RP to first crux.
The Bulge F8a – Shutdown by the stamina needed!
Connect 4 F8a – 2days 4 RP, better beta emerged on crux.
Bloodfire F8a+/b – 1 day shutdown on crux.
Elysium F8a/+ – 2 days, dam steep and hard.
Omerta F7c – Need a breezy and some balls.
Body Blow 2 days – 10% more finger strength needed.
Sabotage Ft 8a+ – Every week for 5 months, just canny do it :(
Perfect Nick Ft 8a+ – Two halves.


A La Puta Rue F8b+ (Spain) – Trip 4: 10 days redpointing, fell from last move! Latter got stuck falling on pocket stab again, what todo…

True North F8c Done some links, always bloody wet or blocked by nesting birds… Did Full Tilt at least May-June definately best months to visit.

Connect Four F8a 1 day, That pinch feels dam greasy!

Power Ranger F8b+ 2 days, got more moves, too weak to do crucifix move and link :(

Magnetic Fields F8b – 2 days, trying again, not quite two links. Spanked on start, so reachy and condition dependent.

Devastation F8c 4 days, Just not linking that crux, then I went down hill and couldn’t pull on the dam hold…

A La Puta Rue F8b+ (Spain) – Trip 3: 6 days redpointing, so close, plateau from hell!


Silk Teddies – 1 day denied high up.

Magnetic Fields F8b – 2 days, trying again, not quite three links, got very greasy. Spanked in the heat day two, couldn’t do start.

Whip and Ride F8a+ – 3 days, glued on two loose holds and worked out. Overlapping halves, nearly did it. Had to get off it as local’s decided it wasn’t an open project.

Snipe Shadow F8b – 1 day, couldn’t do crux again, oh no!

Ceasefire F8a+ – 2 days, still need a reliable sequence and cool dry weather.

Hurleyburley F8b – 1 day, redpointing, off bottom crux, loads of visits, will that cave ever dry.

Bloodfire F8a+ – 1 day, redpointing, Denied due to low PE.

Full Tilt F8b – 8 days, DENIED! Redpointed to 2nd last hold twice, need to sort out knee bar. Seepage and bad sequences a real pain! Injured RH A2 pulley on route.

Body blow F8b+ – Not tried fresh yet, moving on crux, not done top crux yet. Broken hold makes it harder.

A La Puta Rue F8b+ (Spain) – Trip 1: 3 days, redpointing, overlapping halves, had to go home too soon!
Trip 2: Got food poisoning so only had 2 days out of 5, one move higher than March. Such a good route so psyched to return.


Voodoo Magic – 1 day, crux easier, still didn’t do, shall try it the F8b way for sure!

Hand of Andromeda – Need to sort out a better sequence turning lip, can’t use undercut, too many moves gong right!

Devastation – 6 years, didn’t quite manage link from scoop to top. I’ll be back!

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